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8 Kinds of Sistahs Sitting Out In The Congregation


Disclaimer: First….This is a little Church humor! Next….I didn’t say that these Sistahs were in the church you or I attend so don’t go trying to figure out who’s who! There’s a little of us in many of these! This is all in fun.

Turn to your neighbor and say “Neighbor! Do you see what that girl is wearing today?” A lot of us turn without being prompted by the Pastor to turn to our neighbor and say anything. This is 1 of the 8 kinds of Sistahs that we sit next to every Sunday morning.

#7)……notices everything. All of the small details….like your broken nail, or the hem in your dress that has unraveled and your hair doesn’t look as straight as it did last Sunday.

#6)……can tell you everybody’s name and their husband’s or boyfriend’s too. They know all the new Sistah’s personal business only after a week of their arrival to the church. Boy Oh boy do they have a way with the people! Ha!

#5)……stays to herself. She barely even speaks to anyone and when she comes in she walks with a slight chip on her shoulder. Her body appears to be squared up as if protecting her surroundings. She’s hard to approach….yes, even with your smile, she still doesn’t allow any entry. It’s called “being safe” or simple minded?

#4)……is so darn Holy that you have to squeeze yourself together when you sit next to her. You’re afraid that you may say the wrong thing in her presence and she will start rebuking you right there in the name of Jesus!

#3)……she’s in her 20’s and on FIRE for GOD! She’s extremely friendly and some of us older Sistahs only wish that we could again have her energy!

#2)……I like this Sistah! She is a giver of hope, she is a praying woman and she leads by example, she gives sound advice and great hugs! She will give you the shirt off her back and her last meal. You can even call her up in the middle of the night and she will answer!

#1)……she is this number because she minds her own business yet very personable and doesn’t mind serving others. She will also cut a step in the carpet that will stir up the entire congregation when the WORD hits home!

Oh! And I couldn’t put a number on this one because she is off the charts! Bless her heart! This Sistah just needs a little attention. She is loud and likes to step up to the mic! She would speak in tongues in a general conversation if she felt that you could understand her jibberish. She is also the one who has to step out front and center……AND THEN get her shout on!

6 comments on “8 Kinds of Sistahs Sitting Out In The Congregation

  1. Darlene Ditto Mathews
    November 21, 2013

    Cute 🙂

  2. BWAHAHAHAH I’m not touching this! But it was hilarious! I think I’ve found myself in some of these! 😉

  3. Elena
    December 3, 2013

    Love it.

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