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Arrogance Is Ugly


There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving thyself and having unshakable confidence when you know what you know.

No one should be mad if you hold yourself to higher standards and won’t settle, especially when you have laid the foundation for a prosperous future.

But there is a difference…..I didn’t hear myself, let me say it again. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between confidence and arrogance!

It’s so ugly when I ride the elevator with you and because you bought your attire from Sax Fifth Ave, you look at me from head to toe and turn your back towards me. You are so arrogant that you probably thought I was going to make you speak to me. Nah, I don’t even want your ‘hello’. You keep that.

Dude….why is it that you are still so mad at me? That was a few years ago when you pulled up in your Mercedes Benz…albeit 10 yrs old but still looked nice because it’s a Benz! Ha!….and you stepped out of it waving money and telling me about what all you can do to and for me, but I didn’t take a bite at ya.

You’re mad still because you’re arrogant and you think you can have and do whatever you want. Maybe so but just not with me. You were ugly then and your ugliness has grown.

How long do you think your beauty will allow you to speak to him so callous and belittling everything he says or does, yet and still, you demand that he showers you daily with unnecessary ‘things’ and most of it you can provide for yourself. That is….. if you were not too pretty to go to work like normal people. Beauty fades.

She wants a husband not another daddy. Just because you’ve obtained a Master’s Degree in business or from the school of ‘hard knocks’ doesn’t give you the authority to preach daily to her every move. You’re a turn-off.

Confidence is a belief that you can do something well and succeed. It is also a feeling that something good is going to happen, but with it should come humility and compassion. Get some!

One comment on “Arrogance Is Ugly

  1. Elena
    January 28, 2014


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