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Behind A Smile


Can I be transparent for a sec? I smile and speak about the goodness of the Lord. I make most people laugh with my silly antics and others smile when I feel like being nice and simply sending them a kind word….but truth be told, I believe it’s GOD’S way of protecting me from sometimes wanting to throw in the towel on my own dreams for true happiness. On the other side of that, I know that life is what we make it, so I guess I should define first, what happiness is for ME. I thought I had already done that! Anyways….. The little bit of joy that I share with others is sustaining me. I’m talking about still overcoming and getting weary at times. Sure I have triumphed in many ways, but some of these wounds have secret scars to the public, yet very much visible to my heart, and I am seemingly always just one step away from something adding insult to the injuries. I just want MY turn, and that’s the plain truth! Am I worthy? Maybe not in man’s sight, but GOD knows what HE created when HE called me into existence and HE doesn’t make any junk. HE also said that HE would give me the desires of my heart. Somehow during my wait time, I still hold onto that….HE knows and so shall he move in due time.

One comment on “Behind A Smile

  1. janetheard0821gmailcom
    October 11, 2016

    All I can say is Amen

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